History of the Christian Outdoorsmen.org

The Christian Outdoorsmen 

got started when several outdoorsmen were having fun enjoying creation and seeking game whether fin, hide or feather.  We thought that gathering with other outdoorsmen would be valuable and fun (not to mention finding some new hunting and fishing spots, as well as, learning about gear and techniques).  Most of us were dads or men interested in the youth of our community, so we decided to bring our kids in and also invite and help young folks along who might otherwise not be able to have these experiences or opportunities.  Since most of the us attend church and desire to bring up our kids in good positive environments, the Christian Outdoorsmen of Humboldt was born.  All men are welcome to join in any of our outstanding events, irrespective of their spiritual interest.

Because of our generous donors and monies made through local fundraisers, we have been able to help many young people, including many without fathers to participate.  These young people have gained an interest and abilities in various sportsman skills.  We have purchased various items like trap throwers, rifles, bows, arrows, targets, gun locks, safety equipment, fishing gear and more to use, loan and give away.  Clothing and camo gear have been very popular with men boys, girls and dads.  More events and activities are happening and much more is planned.  Clubs and groups, some even teaching in schools, are all part of the program.  Through all of our activities, we offer an example of good morals, genuine care and interest to the men and youth.  We value your assistance, attendance and participation.

Okay all that is true.  But there is more to the story.  We wanted to reach more men for Christ and the church.  Many men in our area did not come to church because they did not know anyone there and frankly many men think Church is for women.  We sought a way to show that real men come to our church and to show others that most non-churched men would actually like Christ and our church.  After attending Ducks Unlimited and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and other game dinners events, the idea came that we could do this but without alcohol.  We could offer Christ, instead of focusing on making money.  And we could also include kids, since many men have trouble finding time with kids.

We tried out first dinner which we called the Wild Game Dinner and we had some prizes and an interesting speaker/entertainer.  It went so well that next year we ramped up and have sold out every year since.  Even though now we charge $50.  for adults or kids, this event is sold out in about two weeks every year.  Somehow we hit the target right in the middle.  Even this last year, people that do not attend our, or any, church said they had a great time and they feel comfortable bringing their kids.

Further, in our own Church and community, men know about our church and often they come up to me on their first Sunday and ask, "This is the Outdoorsmen church right?" They have come because of our reputation.  But far more than that our logo and us as a leader team are known in our community and people just come up and talk to us.  This leads to additional witnessing for Christ opportunities.  I myself spend time with many local sponsors and they too have come to Christ and our church.  Further still, in Rotary, Kiwanas, and the Chamber of Commerce I am known and so it our church because of this ministry.  Somehow we have become "cool".  We are getting ancilliary church growth.  People like what we do and are know for so when they need counseling or a church, they come to ours.  There is so much more anecdotal stories to be shared, but the harvest has been large and it keep coming in year round. 

Who We Are

The Christian Outdoorsmen is a group of men that uses our common interest in hunting, fishing and overall outdoor activities to reach lost men and kids (and ultimately the entire family) for Christ.  Most of us, the creators of this package, attend a church; The Hydesville Community Church in Northern California.  [Can you believe there are still hunters and fishermen and normal men in California?] We are all shocked by the success of our effort and growth of our ministry and church through this ministry. 

We are really normal people; cops, timber men, medical personnel, teachers, company owners, managers, investment banks, the whole gamut, and even me, a pastor.  Some are great outdoorsmen that have traveled the world in their sport and many spend even extra moment in the wild.  The rest of us, wel we tray to get outside when we can, scheduling around soccer games and yard work.  Still others have little experience of skill in outdoors sportsmen activities, but they want to be part of the fun.